Reclaimed Wood

Grain Type: Varies

Color: Varies

Advantages: Reclaimed wood is good for the environment as fewer trees are cut down. Existing wood from old buildings or structures is recycled into material for flooring. The aged wood usually has a rustic charm and is more affordable than newer counterparts.

Disadvantages: Reclaimed wood can come from many sources, potentially making it difficult to have the exact look you want for your floor.

Reclaimed hardwood from Art Wood Floors is recycled wood which has been repurposed for flooring. The wood can come from a number of sources, like old wood structures. The wood itself may be traditional or exotic. Using reclaimed hardwood in your flooring project is great for the environment and highly affordable. Exotic hardwoods are often expensive because they are difficult to source. Reclaimed exotic wood is more budget-friendly while still giving you all the benefits of the more unique wood. Traditional reclaimed wood is highly available, perfect for larger flooring projects.

The appearance of reclaimed wood changes based on the age of the wood, the weathering, and the original wood grain. Ask Art Wood Floors about using reclaimed hardwood for your flooring.

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