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Wood 101 Guide from Art Wood Floors

There are many types of wood to choose from when installing a hardwood floorArt Wood Floors contractors has created a handy guide to help you select the best wood for your home and learn what each type of wood has to offer. From appearance to its Janka hardness, you will learn from the best wood craftsmen which wood is best for your home remodeling or installation project.

A soft wood is more easily susceptible to gouges and scratches while very hard woods can be uncomfortable for long periods of sitting or standing. The wood used for a kitchen floor might be different from the type used in a bedroom. And sometimes dustless hardwood refinishing is more effective than replacing a floor. Our experts will guide you through the entire process.

Wood Coloring: Dark, Light, and Staining

Among the appearance of hardwoods, there are dark and light varieties. Each has distinct advantages and drawbacks. Dust and dirt are more likely to stand out from dark wood, giving light hardwood a tidier appearance between cleanings. Dark wood, however, is more versatile with changing furniture or décor than its light counterpart. Finishes and stains will also appear differently on dark and light woods, something which must be taken into account when selecting both your wood and finish.

Reclaimed Wood: An Affordable Alternative

There is also reclaimed wood to take into account when selecting your new floor. This is wood saved from destruction by being turned into something new and beautiful. These woods often have unique patterns and a more rustic visual appeal. Reclaimed wood can come from many sources, from old homes and barns to antique train cars. The right Bona stain, sealer, and finish products will make the wood look just like new.

View all the Art Wood Floors Idea Gallery to see different wood floors we’ve installed at homes across southeastern Wisconsin. Learn which floor is best for your remodeling project by contacting the hardwood experts at Art Wood Floors. 

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