Wood Flooring Projects throughout Southeastern Wisconsin

Hardwood Floors, Refinishing, and Installation

Your home is where you go to relax and get away from the world. Make it a warm welcome home with hardwood floors from Art Wood Floors. Our wood craftsmen can install an entirely new floor complete with beautiful inlays or simply refinish our current hardwood for years of scratch-resistance and protection.

One of the greatest benefits of hardwood is it can enhance any room of your home. Whether you want dustless floor refinishing in your kitchen or a revitalized living room, exotic and traditional wood from Art Wood Floors professionals will bring a new vibrancy to your home. From the start, we can provide an accurate estimate on both the final price and how long your wood flooring project will take.

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Central Hardwood Floor Hallway in WIFunctional Kitchen, Dining Room, and Den Flooring

Hardwood floors in a kitchen or dining room often have to face more foot traffic and spills than other parts of the house. Art Wood Floors can recommend the right hardwood for you to withstand all the family gatherings. Our designers will help you remodel your kitchen to have the best wood appearance. Protect your kitchen from pets, kids, and food spills with a great hardwood.

Your home office is where you want to get work done. Create a professional feel for your den with a traditional wood floor. With Bona Floor Care products your floor will be fully protected from wear and tear with a beautiful lasting finish.

Cozy Living Rooms and Bedrooms

Any room can become warm and inviting with the right hardwood. Art Wood Floors will help you select the most complimentary wood for your living room. This is seen in family rooms especially, as it is a natural gathering space for visiting friends and family. Impress them with elegant exotic woods or make them feel at home with a traditionally rustic floor.

Both master bedrooms and children’s rooms benefit from Art Wood Floors hardwood. Unlike carpet, wood floors are easier to clean, especially with younger children. Toys are easier to play with and tidy up after on wood. A master bedroom becomes your haven with sturdy hardwood and custom inlay.

Custom Wood and Tile Designs

To finish off your hardwood floor installation or refinishing, consider adding more flooring accents around your home. The right hardwood inlay can further enhance your remodeling projects. We even create custom wood projects. With matching hardwood throughout your home, your floors will be beautiful and durable for a lifetime.

Wood Flooring Estimates

New hardwood floors do not have to be expensive. Art Wood Floors uses all sorts of traditional, exotic, and reclaimed woods to make your new floor as affordable as possible. Request a free flooring estimate to learn exactly what your budget can really do.

With Art Wood Floors, your wood floor installation, remodeling, or refinishing is all about craftsmanship. We never use assembly line subcontractors; we do the work ourselves and leave you with an artisan floor. Art Wood Floors contractors are efficient and clean up after ourselves so you have a dust free finish. It’s time you improved your home for a lifetime of enjoyment with quality hardwood floors.

For more information on wood floors for your home, contact the Racine hardwood craftsmen of Art Wood Floors today for a free estimate.