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Transforming Racine Homes with Hardwood Floor Remodeling

There’s more to installing a new floor than just laying down planks of wood. There has to be an order to which wood goes where and how the finished product will look when surrounded by furniture. A single mistake can leave your new floor looking worse than before. Fortunately for Wisconsin homeowners, Art Wood Floors remodelers know how to best balance new hardwood floors with the rest of your home décor.

Picking the Best Wood for Your Home

Whether you want to transform a bedroom or a kitchen, Art Wood Floors has a wide selection of traditional and exotic woods to meet your tastes. Our expert artisans know how to mix and match woods to bring the best results to your home. Cherry might compliment the colors of your kitchen yet clash with the oak in the hallway. Taking your whole home into account, our remodelers pick the best wood for your home’s style while also considering the strength and durability of the wood in its intended location.

Our remodelers also handle the selection of stains and finishes for your floor. The right color stain can make a traditional wood look more exotic at a fraction of the price.

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Professional Results from Start to Finish

When remodeling, both you and your home go under a lot of stress. We keep our presence as minimal as possible when installing your floors. We’ll keep you informed of progress so you’re not left out of the loop about your own home. Our contractors even clean up once they’re done. With Art Wood Floors, you hardwood remodeling project will be affordable and efficient.

To begin a flooring remodel project at your Wisconsin home, contact the wood artisans of Art Wood Floors today.