Stairs with Solid Wood Steps

Safe Wood Floors on All Levels

Stairs in your home have to meet different standards than the rest of your house. Whether they go to another floor, an attic, or a basement, steps have to be safe to prevent accidents. Old, rotted wood can deteriorate over time and cause accidents when broken. Avoid a dangerous situation and have your wood steps replaced with a new hardwood floor instead.

Creaking steps can be the first sign of aging stairs. Art Wood Floors wood contractors can suggest which wood would work best for your staircase to give you the safest upgrade to your home. Our craftsmen can even recommend which woods make for the best railings and bannisters for a uniform look to your new stairway.

If your current staircase is too narrow, some remodeling can open up the space for easier traversing. Make moving furniture between floors with more room between the wall and bannister. Sturdier steps made of a hardwood will also provide more support for long-term use.
Whether you have two steps between a half-floor or a few dozen steps leading to a crawlspace, Art Wood Floors can make your stairs better looking and safer to use for years to come.

Contact the Milwaukee wood experts at Art Wood Floors to receive new hardwood stairs.